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Information for New Residents
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1. Moxee City bills for utilities including Water, Sewer, Irrigation, and Basin Disposal Garbage.

2. Utility bills are billed at the end of each month, reflecting the services already rendered. in the previous month. Bills are due promptly by the 20th of each month to avoid a late fee.  Late fees are mandated by Municipal Code, and as such are not easily forgiven.

3. Water is based upon usage.  Sewer is a flat rate.  Garbage is also based on usage, and is contracted through Basin Disposal or Yakima Waste.  

4. Basin Disposal picks up garbage weekly on Tuesdays.

5. Basin Disposal offers recycling FREE, picked up on Tuesday of the first FULL week of each month, schedules and info are available; a good way to take the load off your regular garbage.

6. Garbage issues can be addressed to either City Hall at 575-8851, or Basin Disposal at 248-7533.

7. The City of Moxee is located within the Selah-Moxee Irrigation District.  The City owns and operates a pressurized irrigation system which supports irrigation water to most homes in Moxee.  If your property is connected to the system, you will be assessed an annual connection fee billed by the City.  If you water with irrigation water, there will be no additional charge for irrigation.  If you water your lawn from the faucets connected to your house, the usage will reflect on your water bill.  To find out if your property is connected to the irrigation system contact City Hall. 

8. Utility payments currently need to be made via cash, or check made out to the City of Moxee.   Payments need to be delivered to City Hall; which is open Monday-Thursday, 9am-6pm.  There is also a night drop box on the front of the building for convenience that is checked at regular intervals. 

9. Currently, Moxee does not accept electronic payments.  Utility payments can be made online via private individual Bill-Payer accounts.

10. Some addresses in Moxee require PO Boxes for mail delivery; please verify your address with the Post Office.  If a PO Box is REQUIRED for this purpose, there is no charge.

11. Dog’s residing within city limits must be licensed annually by the 1st of March. A $10 Late Fee, per dog, will be assessed April 1st.  Dogs new to Moxee, older than 4 Months, need to be licensed upon residency.   Lost dogs will be help 48 hrs before involving the Humane Society in an attempt to locate the owner.  

12. There is a Public Library located at City Hall, and a Public Pool and Park at 304 S Iler St.

13. There is a local website ( that is dedicated to the Community and local Events.