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Mayor & City Council

     Mayor - Gregory La Bree - 2019
     Council Position 1 - David Roy - 2017

     Council Position 2 - LeRoy J. Lenseigne - 2017

     Council Position 3 - Maravell A. Gonsioroski - 2019

     Council Position 4 - Tom L. Hattrup - 2019

     Council Position 5 - Lawrence Frank - 2019

Elected mayor and council positions are nonpartisan. Candidates do not identify a political party preference. A majority of elected mayors and council members serve a four year term. 


The City Council acts as the official legislative and policy making body for the City adopting all laws, ordinances, and resolutions, levying taxes, and approving contracts required by the City. The Council analyzes proposals to meet community needs, initiates action for new programs and determines the ability of the City to provide financing for City operations. The Council also reviews, modifies, and approve the annual budget. Additionally, the City Council performs other miscellaneous duties, including appointments to various boards and commissions, acts as liaison with other governmental bodies and responds to community groups and individual constituents.