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City of Moxee
Notice to Fireworks Users

It is legal for the Residents of Moxee and their guests to discharge legal fireworks on their private property on the Fourth of July only.  Fireworks are NOT allowed on any Public Property, including streets and sidewalks and the Park.  Discharging hours are from 9:00 Am to 11:00 PM.

Due to the hazards of fire season, we strongly encourage residents to minimize any and all potential fire hazards, and to help each other as neighbors keep our community as safe as possible during the 4th of July celebration. 

Eliminate any hazardous dry brush or debris prior to July 4th.  Wet down your shrubs, trees and bushes prior to lighting fireworks.

Please remember to keep all streets clear for emergency vehicles. 

Have water hoses with a spray nozzle out and ready in case of emergency. 

Keep fireworks stable when lighting. 

Be aware of wind direction and hazards in the vicinity.

Report Emergencies to 911 or 574-2500 dispatch.

Clean up your mess.  Littering is illegal, punishable by fine of up to $250.

Fireworks Info Sheet

Fireworks Moxee Municipal Code

Illegal Fireworks

Legal Fireworks