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Dog Licenses

New residents must license their dogs older than 4 months upon residency. Dog’s older than 4 months of age already residing within city limits must renew their licenses annually by the 1st of March.  

The license fee is $5 if your dog is spayed/neutered and $11 if they are not.  A $10 Late Fee, per dog, will be assessed April 1st.  

If your dog is lost, or you have found a lost dog, please also inquire at the Yakima Humane Shelter 457-6854, and on line at Craig’s List.  If Moxee impounds your dog overnight there we will charge a $30 impound fee.  If Moxee impounds a dog we will hold them 48hrs before turning them over to the Yakima Humane Shelter.

Dog License Application

Moxee City Municipal code for animals