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Business Licenses

It is unlawful for any person, partnership, company, association, or corporation to conduct, operate, engage in or practice any business within the city without having first obtained a business license from the city.  If more than one business is conducted on a single premise, a separate license shall be required for each separate business conducted, operated, engaged in or practiced.

The issuance of the business license is a tax on your business activity and does not entitle you to conduct a business in violation of any Federal, State or local laws applicable to the business operation. The business must be located in an area zoned to permit the business activity.  Any construction or remodeling requires a building permit and must conform to the building and fire codes.

For your protection, before you commence business, you are notified to ascertain proper zoning regulations, building code requirements applicable to your business premises and a fire life and safety inspection of your premises.   You are also required to notify City Hall in the event of a change in your business location.

Business Licenses are renewed annually by January 31st.  A late fee of $10.00 per month is applied for late renewals.  If your business is NOT LOCATED within Moxee City Limits, AND you are unsure if you will be conducting ANY business within Moxee, please renew your Business License at first onset of Business within Moxee, and no late fee will be applied.   

Moxee City Business License